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We get hundreds of messages from parents of little ones about Tummy Time being difficult, stressful, overwhelming and well... just unenjoyable!

This guide is chock full of helpful tips to help you and your baby not only enjoy tummy time, but also offer alternatives to stimulate development. Includes explanations, images and videos.

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"Hi Nicole, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the work you do and content you share! I'm a GP and first time mum of a 4-month old who was born a few weeks prematurely. He didn't get much tummy time aside from on chest until around 4wks of age. Thanks to your guide he has gone from crying instantly in tummy time on the floor to being able to hold his head up well and very recently rolling tummy to back!"

Benita B

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Our 31-page Ultimate Tummy Time Guide is brimming with expert advice and helpful activities.

Why Tummy Time

Tummy time is great for bub to develop their strength, vision, postural control and body awareness. It also lays the foundations for motor skills such as crawling.


Why is tummy time important?
When do we start tummy time?
Help! My baby just cries.
Why does my baby Superman?
What about tummy time in a hip harness? Or with reflux?
When can I stop tummy time?

Tips for Success

Learn the 8 key lessons for successful tummy time to give your baby the best start in life.

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