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Learn how to support your baby's development with purposeful play.

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We help you see the magic in infant development.


Instead of worrying about the NEXT thing, you can be in the present moment with your baby witnessing all the beautiful mini-milestones... the real magic.

baby play

Over 200 purposeful play ideas. Sort by the skills your baby is currently working on. Includes our favourite activities to support development.

baby moves

Masterclasses, activities and troubleshooting to support your baby to move toward rolling, crawling, sitting and walking.

baby talk

Top talk tips with How To videos. Baby Sign Masterclass and gallery. Ideas for reading and singing to support infant language development.


Over 100 questions already answered at your finger tips – no need for Google! Question not there? Ask in the forum.


In it together! A village of like-minded parents and caregivers sharing their learnings, successes and fails.


Guest speakers, Expert webinars, Bonus guides, Exclusive member discounts at participating stores and more... 

What our members are saying...

I just wanted to take the time to thankyou so much for this wonderful resource you've created. It's given me so much confidence as a first time mum to create different and purposeful play activities with my bub. I've loved learning about the mini milestones and learning to celebrate them rather than just the final big movement (suddenly my Bluey 'baby race' viewings have reduced to just a few times a week hahaha). Anyway, thanks again you're all awesome and I so appreciate all of your hard work putting this package together and sharing your amazing knowledge and expertise.


Just a quick little appreciation post for baby play academy! Our almost 7 month old has been wanting to sit for the longest time but just hasn't been able to work it out. Cue a few activities from baby play (toys hanging over the play couch is our fave!) And we've mastered sit in a few short days!


An amazing resource that doesn’t promote ‘competitive parenting!’ Safe environment to ask anything related to development and play, with some amazing resources and information that has proven invaluable and we’ve only just got started!

The support offered in BPA is second to none. I felt empowered to support my baby’s development in a stress free, fun and playful way. There is no judgement, just evidence based suggestions on how to do something new or different for your baby to encourage their development.

Absolutely love the program. I have enjoyed playing with my bub so much more since joining. I also love the facts section and access to discount codes.

I love that information is evidence based and simple. It is the only resource/service that I pay for because it has been so helpful.

The baby play academy, and Facebook community, have been an invaluable tool in my approach to parenting my children. I love how easy they are and how they make use of items you already have at home. For someone who lacks creativity and isn’t very “playful”, I found the ideas so wonderful for changing up how we would play and interact. I even would write down a weekly list of new play ideas to try in my diary!

For me the activities are great and I loved DIY as well to do lots of different things. But it was the normalising of milestones that made me much more relaxed and just to enjoy play.

Loving the new format, the interface is absolutely fantastic and very easy to navigate. I love that you can search specific play ideas based on the skill you are looking to support. The amount of information in the blog posts as well is just great! I've been constantly going back to the recommendations before purchasing toys/high chairs/shoes etc.

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

John Doe


What's Included?

The Baby Play Academy is not focused on milestone achievements. It has been designed to empower you with accurate knowledge about infant development.

Everything on talking, moving and playing in your babies first 18 months at your fingertips.

Hundreds of home-based purposeful play ideas to support your baby's development.

Paediatric Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists in your pocket to answer all of your questions on play, movement and language.

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bonus content

Every month we upload information on a focus topic, latest research or other resources for our members at no extra cost.
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  Speech pathologists giving you new tips on reading their favourite books

  Physiotherapists taking you on a #babyplayoutside adventure

  Our Team showcasing ways to support movement using regular household items

  Live Q&As from our team and guest speakers

Who is the Academy for?

Every day we meet different babies and families in our clinic. The Academy is for these families everywhere.

Mother And Baby Daughter Reading Book In Playroom Together

This is your first child. You're unsure how to play with your baby or even hold, move and carry them. You really want your baby to learn new skills. Help is just one click away.

You have multiple children. You're struggling to find time to plan anything and you haven't yet found the right professional to ask for help. Everything is at your fingertips.

You've already sought help. But you're still worried your baby is behind. Or you're after ideas to complement their therapy goals. We've got you.

Why we offer


Babies change SO much in the first 18 months of life. All babies have their own unique developmental trajectory.

Unlike other apps and books out there, our Play Academies are not based on age but stage. Every child needs a different amount of time in each stage.
We are here to answer all your questions and give you ideas to help your little one’s development… and we can’t do that in 30 days.
Since this is a membership and not a course, you will also get access to new content monthly including live Q&As from our team, guest speakers, extra exclusive play ideas, toy reviews and more!


Our Pricing

Flexible payment options with upfront discounts and ongoing subscription to suit your needs and budget.


$29 mo

Cancel anytime after 3 months.
6 months


Pay upfront. Get 1 month free.
12 months


Pay upfront. Get 2 months free
Want to gift a Baby Play Academy membership?

Give the gift of confidence, support and connection with a 6 or 12 month membership gift voucher

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Fill your days with joy, connection and growth! Join the Baby Play and Toddler Play Academies together for only $49 per month. Minimum 3 month commitment.

academy faqs

The Baby Play Academy is an online membership designed exclusively to guide parents in supporting the development of their baby from birth to walking.

There is a super library of play ideas, using items you would normally have around the house. We also provide toys & book suggestions that support development.

We love our Q&A forum where you can ask your burning questions of our team and connect with other parents & caregivers.

All children have their own unique developmental trajectory. Unlike popular apps and books out there, our play academies are not based on ages as such but stages. Each little one needs a different amount of time in each stage and we are here to answer all your questions and give you all the ideas to help your little ones development and we can’t do that in 30 days.

Since this is a membership and not a course, you will get access to new content monthly, including live Q&As from our team and guest speakers, toy reviews and more.

Yes, you may cancel at any time after your 3-month commitment but you will lose access to the content and the Play Academy. Note: there are no refunds granted for annual membership purchases.

Please check out our Members T&Cs here for a full and clear description of refunds and course transfers.

Our Baby Play Academy are designed from birth – walking. We have a monthly membership, as well as 6 and 12 month upfront memberships, so you can maximise your value at the age and stage of your little one.

PLAY TIME: Our Baby & Toddler Play Academies will have a “play time” live once a month on DIY toys and a play challenge. The Preschool Academy play ideas are themed and change monthly.

Live Q&A: Our Expert Team and/or Guest Speakers will jump into the forum once a month to answer all your questions live!

Mini Masterclasses: We run mini masterclasses on footwear, motor skills, play, singing, reading and more!


Most of our play ideas come from using everyday items & recycling. However, if we do use a specific toy and you do not have it at home, let us know and we will think of an alternative for you.

Yes! You definitely could spend HOURS researching, scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and sifting through the piles and piles of misinformation on google... and then doing it all again every time there your child moves into the next phase or stage of development.

OR, you can invest in the Academy and get access to all the play ideas and have experts in your pocket, so we can answer your questions anytime!

By joining the Play Academy you will save time + $$, avoid all the anxiety, get access to resources, trainings, and tools that will help you fell calm and confident in supporting your childs development. Plus you'll get to hang out with us 1-2x a month LIVE!

You sure could.

However, that's only 1 hour of your week.

The Baby Play Academy not only provides you with play ideas, but motor milestones, speech milestones, when to check-in, strategies to support and troubleshoot, masterclasses and the ability to ask questions when it suits you.

Absolutely not. 

We would always recommend to see your local Paediatric Physio, Speechie or OT so that your little one can be assessed and managed appropriately. 

The Play Academy is a complementary program. 

It sure is.

The Baby Play Academy has been designed to complement your baby's therapy program.

Just get in touch with us to let us know that you are working with someone and what your goals are. That way we can really pinpoint the right direction for you.

Western Kids Health is located in Perth, Western Australia. 

If you are in WA we'd love to see you! If you're not not in WA, we can offer Telehealth consultations > Book here.

Credit card or Debit card payments are available. 

Payment is in Australian dollars. Which means our families in the UK and US are in luck as the Aussie dollar is weak in comparison!


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Learn how to support your child through each stage of their development with real therapists by your side.