Getting active, whether it be by push trike, balance bike, scooter or pedal bike is a wonderful skill for our toddlers and pre-schoolers to develop to build their love of movement and being active. Here you'll find blogs on topics such as moving from trike to balance bike, learning to ride, picking a helmet and what to look for in a first bike.

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Learning to Ride: Top Tips

By William Pates | 8 July 2024

By Nicole Pates & Georgia StoreyLearning to Ride (without training wheels) Recently Nicole’s nearly 4 year old daughter learnt to ride a bike, without training wheels. It is a huge achievement. She was stoked. Watching her little face light up was everything. Followed up by staying at a caravan park a week later her confidence […]

When to introduce a push trike

By William Pates | 9 May 2024

By Nicole Pates When to Introduce a Trike First up let me clarify what I mean when I say “trike” In this quick blog we are talking about balance trikes or push trikes, not pedal trikes. Trikes that your little one can sit on and that they propel themselves by pushing through their legs on the […]

My Top Tips for moving from a Trike to Balance Bike

By William Pates | 7 April 2024

By Nicole Pates Moving from a Trike to Balance Bike Once your little one has mastered the trike, negotiating corners, downhills, uphill’s and some high speed… they may be ready to move to a balance bike. You will also notice that they are running, climbing and starting to jump. If you are a Toddler Play […]

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